Peter Zomaya's Biography

Peter Zomaya

Peter Zomaya Jr. is a skilled trading professional recognized as a top instructor in his field. He learned his trading skills from  floor traders on the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and former O'Connor and Associates traders. Since 2000 has taught options trading and risk-management skills to well over 100,000 self-directed traders/investors, showing how floor traders no longer have the advantage they once did.

Mr. Zomaya has had a global reach in his teachings.  Locations such as: Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, the UAE, and throughout the United States. Having a multi-cultural understanding enhances his ability to better communicate difficult concepts.

Created educational programs for other companies as well as for this website, and has taught in both live seminars as well as online webinars.

Shown to be a patient and thorough instructor. He has taught every type of trader/investor from the neophyte up to traders that were themselves floor traders.

For years has written live trading publications with real time trades and has several years of track records showing continuous positive results from the trades selected.

Prior to trading, Mr. Zomaya was in the electronics industry as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing.