Brokers, Money Managers, and Investment Advisors

Welcome to No Option Antics! where we believe in a no-nonsense approach to learning and trading. Thank you for allowing us the honor of this introduction.

In the ever-changing markets, it is vital to have every advantage you can. The proper use of options and developing a better deeper understanding can be the difference between increasing your clients profitability or having them become someone else's client.

The current economic times are challenging at best. You find yourself zigging, when you should be zagging. Worse yet, you could be like the proverbial deer in the headlights hoping things will eventually work out.

Here at  No Option Antics, we can help you protect your clients, as well as grow your client base. If you do well for your clients, current clients will refer others to you, thus growing your business.

To fully and personally educate you and your personnel, we will come directly to your location. We also provide live webinars to train your advisors to develop an accurate understanding of the flexibility of options and how to effectively hedge your portfolios' risk to an acceptable level.

Just in our lifetime we have had numerous crashes. The Crash of 1987, the Asian, Latin, and Russian monetary crisis's, the Dot Com bubble, the attack on September 11th and certainly the mortgage meltdown of 2007 to early 2009.

In these crashes, many investors lost between 25% and 70% of the value of their portfolio.  Sadly, there was a way to protect them and in many cases even grow the portfolio in those volatile times.

There are many  so called “hedge funds” in the market. These are hedge funds in name only as they do not really hedge. They are fully directionally biased just like stock holdings only many times with heavier leverage.  Now in the current climate, many clients run from a hedge fund because the fund trades options or as the media refers to them DERIVATIVES!! With the negative and intensely biased connotations options trading conjures up, we understand why. Ignorance is a powerful detractor, and effective propaganda tool, but with knowledge it can be fixed.

We will provide your clients and associates with either a basic or advanced options education. The level that is appropriate is dependent on what level of sophistication you are comfortable with.

It may be a simple as a two-hour webinar teaching the basics and illustrating that options are not the evil scary monsters people have made them out to be in 'conventional wisdom".

For a more comprehensive educational experience, we have developed live classes in a 1, 2 or 3 day setting depending on how in depth you would like explore the options world.  All these courses will generate questions and here at No Option Antics we will have expert support staff here to enrich your educational experience.

If your situation warrants it, we are able to design and create a custom educational program that specifically targets your needs.

Trading and investing in the markets in anything but a buy and hold philosophy is a skill set.  It is not unlike any other skill set that someone possesses.  There are no secrets in the stock market; there is only a lack of knowledge.  There has never been a better time to learn these skills.  Please Choose us at No Option Antics to quench that thirst for knowledge.

Thank You!