I was wondering what interesting stuff you have been doing since leaving Optionetics. I've been doing the same type of trade, month after month which is doing quite well....Put BWB on the RUT. I have no one around me to talk about trading ideas. You were the one who started me on this fantastic journey (lecturer for 2-day course), and I am forever grateful!"

Steven S., NY

I met Peter few years ago, it's always excited to attended his seminar. He is very knowledge about the market and learned a lot from him, wish I met him much earlier. For those who wants to trade the market I recommend you to learn from Peter.

Anna, Honolulu HI

I have been through seven different "education" companies that always seem to be teaching just enough so you see how little you know and need to take the next class to really get going. Peter taught me not only how the real options market works, but how immediately translate that into profitable trades in the market! Peter was the only one to ever teach me how to make money right from the option chain without having to fumble around with fundamental or technical analysis. I learned to make money with options, no matter what the market can throw at me!

Ryan K., Seattle, WA

As a novice with no trading experience at all, Peter made Options very easy to understand. My class consisted of traders with varying degrees of experience from novice traders to traders with years of experience. Everyone under his instruction came away with a clearer understanding of the basics and more. Peter has something to offer everyone, no matter how experienced you think you are, you will not only come away with a clearer understanding of how the strategies work, but what strategies are most appropriate under specific market conditions. He provides the foundation and basis for a trading discipline that will eliminate impulse and emotional trading. If you enter a trade with a plan for execution and exit, you eliminate the impulse and fear which can cause you miss opportunities and/or lose money. Nothing is 100% certain, but with Peter, you will learn how to stack the odds in your favor!

Jackie P., Dallas TX

Peter I was pleasantly surprised when I attended your seminar. I had heard so many rumors about how complicated and risky options are, but you made it so easy to understand the fundamentals and build a strong foundation. Having attended many seminars, I can say with certainty that you are the best instructor I've ever had. Your knowledge of options and your delivery methods are superb. You truly care about your students and you want them to learn options trading the right way. Your professionalism and your dedication are much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Jasmine K., Los Angeles, CA

Peter is one of the best traders that I know of. His knowledge about options is real deal. He has running recommendation service with other company in the past, his trading results are the best And he always put money where his mouth is. I would definitely recommend his service to every serious option traders.

Harry H., Melbourne Australia

Peter Zomaya is one of the best and most capable options instructors I know. Not only is the depth of his knowledge of options principles top tier, he has a uncanny ability to breakdown the most complex subjects into terms that anyone can understand. From debunking the most prevalent market myths with undeniable math, to breaking down the intricacies of various options strategies. The combination of his extraordinary teaching ability and natural sense of humor makes learning from Peter not only extremely educational, but just as much fun. Peter has a genuine interest in the development of his students and seeing them succeed. Learning from him has been both a privilege and an honor.

Brandon S., Virginia

"I found Peter's explanation of the options strategies straightforward and easy to understand. Peter is passionate in helping his students (including me) to succeed in this tough business. He has demonstrated to me that he really knows his stuff well. The way he explains the nitty gritty in options trading is fantastic because instead of giving the usual textbook explanation, he goes into the practical application of the greeks when discussing different options strategies."

HM Wong, Singapore

I have been getting my Options education from Peter Zomaya for a while now and find his explanations of how Options are constructed and how they should be traded to be a valuable resource. Regarding the cost of education, you can either be taught by the 'Market' at some cost and maybe still not learn the lesson or you can use a Professional to guide you and maybe earn your tuition fees back through successful trading and make sure you learn the lessons well.

Jeff J., Australia