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Welcome to No Option Antics

Thank you for choosing to visit us. No Option Antics was designed to assist self-directed investors/traders and registered professionals to properly understand the world of options.

When you mention the word "options" to most people, it conjures up thoughts of extreme risk…danger…craziness. The truth is that options were designed to hedge (insure against) risk in the markets. Let us show you how.

We have all been subjected to the constant bombardment of ads from education companies promising "financial freedom" claiming to have the "ultimate strategy", or the "super secrets" of the trading world.

While choosing the proper strategy is part of the puzzle, the usage of the strategy in the right environment is more important. What works today may not work tomorrow. Hence, the goal is not only to learn to adapt with the market, but also to learn enough to make use of alternatives.

In the real world, when it comes to options trading, there are no secrets. Trading is simply a skill set, like any other. Everyone acquires a certain skill or knowledge base to do his or her job. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, office worker, farmer, or truck driver, you have skills you had to learn to do your job. They were not secrets.

Some entities will try to dazzle you with gimmicks and "can't-lose" systems. They don't work. They never have, and never will. There is no substitute for proper education and practice. We named the website "No Option Antics", because there are no games here.

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